Begun in 2008, it's unlikely that I'll regularly make entries to this blog, so do check my main site at

This blog is more likely to include posts of a political nature - and one that requires sisu on the part of many!

Archives dated prior to March 2008 are entries moved across from either LiveJournal or Octant.

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home started out as a site to place items that do not sit easily on other sites I maintain. Though FourHares contains a variety of pages across a broad spectrum, most predominantly reflect four fields of personal interest. Perhaps it should be noted that other people who may be involved in any one of these fields do not develop an interest in the others. FourHares, therefore, simply reflects my syncretic interests, weaved in a personal and eclectic style.

Why “fourhares”?

I was fascinated by many mediæval representations that showed three hares arranged in such a way that their ears were drawn in common — resulting in three ears for three hares. In 2005, when in Lyon (France), I saw upon its Notre Dame Cathedral a petroglyph of the same concept, save that here were four hares. The photo I took is on the main ‘Home page’.When deciding on a domain name that initially focussed on four areas of more esoteric and, for myself at any rate, interconnected interests, the option “fourhares” simply rose to the fore – so here we are!

Why this blog

I decided I’d have a go at creating a blog. I did at one stage begin one on a publicly available site, but frankly never maintained it for more than three posts. We’ll see if I do better here. Given its intimate connection with my site, however, it is likely that I at least occasionally add comments. The main site’s ‘Home page‘ has an overview of some key points arranged in sequential sections on each of the following:

From each of section, a table of contents is provided linking to further pages.