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‘Durban-II’ – or how to make a mockery of the U.N.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs at which even George Orwell would have been saddened. It seems that the UN’s adoption of orwellian Newspeak is such that it even surpasses Orwell in his darkest hour: the so-called ‘anti-racism’ conference sponsored by the UN (or should that be, in this case, the Divided Nations) and currently being held in Geneva seems to (again) be a platform for racists, anti-homosexuals, and war-mongers.

I can only be thankful that Australia did not participate!

On this day, commemorating the death of millions at the hands of Nazis and, often, their un-intending supporters, it is deplorable that the leader of a nation that hangs individuals for their sexual orientation, or that kills its own citizens who happen to have negative views of the majority’s religious dogma, or indeed has called for the wiping off the face of the Earth the existence of Israel and considers Jews as mere ‘vermin’, that he even be allowed to address the opening Convention!

It’s the equivalent to the League of Nations having sponsored a conference on the equality of races and inviting Hitler to speak at its opening!

I can only agree with the President of Israel, Peres, who stated that he viewed Iran’s president Ahmadinejad even making an appearance at the conference a “deplorable disgrace”. To further quote Peres:

The conference opening today in Geneva constitutes an acceptance of racism, rather than the fight against it, and its main speaker is Ahmadinejad, who calls for the annihilation of Israel and denies the Holocaust […]

Criticism of the Jewish state is also tinged with chilling anti-Semitism. Among those who collaborated with the Nazis, and those who stood by and let the Holocaust happen, there are those who criticize the one state that rose to grant refuge to Holocaust survivors. The one state that will prevent another Holocaust.

Anti-Semitism is not a Jewish disease, and its cure is incumbent upon those who perpetrate it […]

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