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Marijuana's Apples, Breasts not

What can I say!?

It only reflects how strange US society has become, and how its pre-eminence in the world of online downloads leads to quite weird decisions. Cf Need Marijuana? Your iPhone Can Help.

It’s OK to have a listing of where to obtain marihuana even in locations where it is not legal, but an application that uses mediæval and renaissance imagery as part of a tarot deck gets the can if some of its images depict paintings of women with bare breasts!

The case in point is Kat Black’s wonderful application for her new Touchstone Tarot… have a look at the following, the left-hand image from her deck, the right-hand one the same card ‘rectified’ for the purposes of avoiding censorship on Apple’s iTunes store (perhaps renamable to iSore):

Touchstone Tarot LoversTouchstone Tarot Lovers for Apple iStore

Touchstone Tarot StarTouchstone Tarot Star for Apple iStore

[ps – a note on the slang used in the title: “she’s apples” is an Australian colloquial expression for “it’s fine/it’s good/it’s approved”. I’ll leave the purposeful reference to Apple Macs in the ambiguity thereof]

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