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Slaughter Live Exports

Though there are some situations where the migration of animals needs to be supported (read below), live exports destined for slaughter needs to be abolished.

There are a number of reasons why Australia exports live animals to various parts of the world. Some of these are, from my perspective, perfectly reasonable, and the welfare of the […]

On Guns, New Zealand, and politics

It seems that the terrible act that recently occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand, is receiving the kind of media attention and reflective commentary that has little been seen since the Port Arthur (Tasmania) or Hoddle Street (Melbourne) shootings that took place decades ago. And that discussion (not the act) is something commendable, despite the shocking […]

On the eve of the French Presidential Election

So… it’s between Le Pen and Macron, with the latter expected to win collecting approximately 60% of the votes.

I beg to differ on nearly every analysis that I have yet had the opportunity to read. And I similarly disagree with the analysis many have given for either Trump’s victory or so-called ‘Brexit’.

I read (and hear) […]

The Value of Minor Parties in the 2016 Australian Federal Election


I am constantly astounded by the way in which that which the Left, when in power, unfortunately establishes, is perpetuated when the so-called ‘Right’ gets elected instead. What we have been seeing in Australia over the last few decades is a progressive (as in the former USSR usage of that word) move away […]

On the Alphabet, Google and Kurzweil's hesitation about the future of democracy

On the educational merits of student financial vouchers

It was refreshing to open the year with a post from Moshe Feiglin (an Israeli parliamentarian) writing the following within a post titled ‘Moshe Feiglin: Instead of Censoring Books, Let Parents Take Responsibility‘:

“Give the money (that you took from Israel’s citizens) to the parents in the form of vouchers worth 4,000 NIS per month […]

Victoria's proposed legislation on vaccination

On my political site, I have written about the proposed legislation that seeks to forbid healthy children from participating in Kinders. Here is a link to my open letter to members of the Parliament of Victoria:

> On the Question of Kindergartens and Vaccinations

The proposed Legislation and its anti-democratic impulse

Without the freedom to be able […]

Victorian elections 2014

Entering the final week before the Victorian State elections, it’s certainly been a journey as I stand as a candidate for the Upper House (in Victoria called the Legislative Council). For anyone standing as an Independent, the electoral system is stacked against such: never mind that an Independent is likely to have less resources than […]

Australian National Curriculum Review

I have (finally) added a page with a copy of my late-night submission to the review of the so-called Australian National Curriculum. I say ‘so-called’, as there is, of course, no such thing, nor should there be!

For ease of reference, the page is on my main fourhares site: Australian National Curriculum Review (a pdf version […]

On the hope of the incoming Federal Senate

It’s been a long time coming, but there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel – a long tunnel made all the darker during the last few years with the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd government. That they managed to not only erode personal freedoms and expand government bureaucracies to the extent they did shows […]