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Philosophy 2016 enrolment

2016 philosophy course with Jean-Michel David 2016 Towards Understanding Ethics Workshop
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Please note that there
is no PayPal payment
option for this workshop

Philosophy Course Textbooks

Books can be ordered:

  • from most bookshops;
  • online via Amazon (links are provided below); or
  • by request to Jean-Michel.

Please note that the only required book is R. Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom.


Terms 1 & 2:
John Deely
  Four Ages of Understanding isbn 1442613017

Term 3:
Rudolf Steiner
  Riddles of Philosophy isbn 0880107111
  also available on Kindle
  and from the Steiner e.Lib (GA18)

Term 4:
Friedrich von Schiller
  Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man
  also available on Kindle
  and readily freely available in various pdf editions online

Rudolf Steiner
  Philosophy of Freedom
  available in various editions and titles
  e.g.: Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
  and from the Steiner e.Lib (GA4)


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Please briefly mention your previous background or interest in philosophy, this will better enable Jean-Michel to prepare.

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