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Two US-based conferences...

Here are two conferences to which, each year, I look to and, as usual, am unable to participate… this year precisely a month apart.

Semiotic Society of America

The annual conference of the Semiotic Society of America taking place, this year, in Seattle between the 2nd and 5th of October:

RunRev’s LiveCode 2014

The other is (also an annual) [...]

Why Children Shouldn't have the World at their Fingertips

The following originally appeared in Orion Magazine – well worth a read as a counter-balance to the all too common push towards extreme impulses.

By Lowell Monke*

THOMAS EDISON WAS A GREAT INVENTOR but a lousy prognosticator. When he proclaimed in 1922 that the motion picture would replace textbooks in schools, he began a long string of [...]

Policies are not just policies

Of late given the Australian elections, I’ve engaged in something that I otherwise on the whole consider a waste of time: tweets.

Part of the problem with tweets is that one is restricted to 140 characters: whether or not this can genuinely be called ‘micro-blogging’ or not, it certainly encourages depth of neither reflection nor intelligent [...]

Election day chart

or why consulting an astrologer may be useful prior to calling an election

I had known since prior to the election that the date coincided with Mercury beginning a retrograde motion, and had thought at the time this was not a good time for any election. The results, however, simply did not only reflect a retrograde [...]

In a nutshell: how our system of government works.

Given the 2010 Federal election results (still pending), I’ve received (from both local and o/s) queries about how our Australian system of government works, so I thought I’d try and give a very brief overview, with inevitable small ‘errors of exception’.

Firstly, we are a Federated Commonwealth of States. In some ways, this is somewhat akin [...]

Australian Federal Election 2010: what I would like to see

Date: Sunday, morning after 2010 Federal elections.

Like many other Australians, I stayed up last night watching the election counting result on the ABC. Like numerous other Australians, I was relieved to see the loss of so many seats previously held by the Labor Party. I write ‘relieved’ for the very reasons I outlined in a [...]

naplan 2010

A reminder that any parent or guardian may WITHDRAW their CHILD from having to participate in the NAPLAN 2010 tests (at the bottom of this post, I also add some notes regarding other NAPs occurring this year).

2010 NAPLAN tests are due to be conducted between the 11th-14th of May this year (unless a school makes [...]

VIT - Victorian Insult to Teaching

The above titular expansion of the acronym I have increasingly heard used by teachers (retired and active) and other educators…

Once upon a time, Victoria (Australia) had a simple register that provided an easy means for schools to ascertain whether or not a teacher had appropriate qualifications. Actually, there were a number of such registers: one [...]

Marijuana's Apples, Breasts not

What can I say!?

It only reflects how strange US society has become, and how its pre-eminence in the world of online downloads leads to quite weird decisions. Cf Need Marijuana? Your iPhone Can Help.

It’s OK to have a listing of where to obtain marihuana even in locations where it is not legal, but an application [...]

Play, stories, the brain’s plasticity, Obama’s Prison State and the ‘swine’ influenza ‘pandemic’

Quite a mouthful, that heading… and considering I also wanted to include something on synæsthesia, I’ve rather narrowed somewhat my ‘focus’!

Swine flu pandemic

Let’s begin with the last of these first: the flu ‘pandemic’ and the reaction to it by officialdom.

I accept that when the first outbreak of this new influenza virus began to make its [...]