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Election day chart

or why consulting an astrologer may be useful prior to calling an election

I had known since prior to the election that the date coincided with Mercury beginning a retrograde motion, and had thought at the time this was not a good time for any election. The results, however, simply did not only reflect a retrograde Mercury, but rather something of far more significance.

It is not until today, however, that I decided to cast a variety of charts – most for the forthcoming week to ascertain the likely outcome – each of which pointed to the slow moving planets having rather significant aspects (ie, angular relations).

So I decided to check a full chart (in both tropical and sidereal, with various house systems – none of which really matters in terms of the planetary configuration). Here is the result for the day of the election at noon local time, cast for Canberra (though, again, no significant differences would result for other Australian locations):

2010 Australian election astrological chart

Even for someone not very familiar with astrology, there are a number of significant aspects that are apparent. Firstly, the number of squares (ie, planetary relationships that are at approx. 90° one to the other). Squares are by far the most difficult of relationships, with oppositions, of which there are, again, a significant number, second most difficult.

Here we have Pluto (the planetoid of death and transformation) squaring Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter. The only thing that trines (ie, is in harmonious relationship) to Pluto is the Sun – not something you’d want if you want to maintain the status quo.

Overall, the chart points to many areas of not only potential conflict, but also of the shedding of structure. This is also intensified by the retrograde motions of not only Mercury, but also, incredibly, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon’s nodes!

I do not consider myself an astrologer, by the way, even though I’ve worked with it on and off for well over 30 years (and before then had vague interest), and remain quite willing to be corrected in the points I raise.

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