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'The Anti-Semite’s Pointed Finger'

In the latest issue of Commentary Magazine, Ruth Wisse writes on the ongoing anti-semitism and concludes with an(other) insightful point:

[…] Anti-Semitism works through the strategy of the pointing finger. Through political prestidigitation, the accuser draws attention away from his own sins—in the case of Arab leaders, the systematic oppression and immiseration of their own people—by pointing to the Jews, whose demonically inflated image and luridly portrayed wickedness make them a plausible explanation for whatever ails his regime. The pointing finger keeps negative attention focused on the Jews—or Israelis—and the latter, as often as not, obligingly fall into the trap by accepting responsibility for a situation they cannot control. In politics as before the law, whoever points the finger is the plaintiff, and whoever stands in the dock is the defendant. Unless they were to file a countersuit, simply answering to the charge of which they stood accused placed the Jews under the constant obligation of defending their innocence.

In this period of time, with escalating tensions in the area, and the growing support the US government has for the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah-Hamas block, Israel faces an incredibly difficult situation.

Perhaps it is time for Europe to wake up and adequately face the kind of societies it wishes to support: those who, like their own, support democratic diversity (such as Israel); or, instead, the disastrous road towards dhimmitude.

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