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Reading the Marseille Tarot

It’s way overdue, and the files on my computer have finally made it to printers (at this stage available only from

This is a tarot book that I originally wrote over the course of a year spanning across 2007-2008, and the isbn is registered as 2009. Since then, the most I have done is revise a sentence here and there.

As I mention in the foreword, without Jean-Claude and Roxanne Flornoy re-creating the Jean Noblet tarot from semi-oblivion, I would not have had a deck with the depth this one brings to unveil the connections as I would fully like to. What a loss Jean-Claude’s death from a week and a half ago is to the tarot world – let alone the loss to his friends, family and acquaintances! I do thank him for the gifts he has left us!

To obtain the book… simply on the image below:

> Reading the Marseille Tarot

jmd - JM David - Reading the Marseille Tarot

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