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Reading the Marseille Tarot

It’s way overdue, and the files on my computer have finally made it to printers (at this stage available only from

This is a tarot book that I originally wrote over the course of a year spanning across 2007-2008, and the isbn is registered as 2009. Since then, the most I have done is revise […]

Reflections on 'The Secret of the Tarot' by Robert Swiryn

Having received a copy of Robert’s book last week, I took it along whilst camping for a few days.

I have to admit that the subtitle had me a little concerned: ‘How the story of the Cathars was concealed in the Tarot of Marseilles’. This seems to be a claim that periodically raises its head, only […]

Tarot interview

In case anyone’s interested:

I’ll probably add other comments ‘post-event’ to this very entry…

Interview went well enough… except that the software which recorded it totally corrupted the audio file (hmmm… perhaps there was feedback that showed I have posted against Adobe’s Flash).

… so I guess it’s back to the drawing board!

A Conversation Between Enrique Enriquez and Jean-Michel David

New York – Melbourne :: May 2010

[this conversation was recorded for Enrique’s site: tarology (beta)]

Enrique Enriquez: Is there any of the tarot images you have never recovered from?

Jean-Michel David: Interestingly, yes!

It’s really the single card that has cost me thousands of dollars (literally), and had me hunting down a number of false leads. It’s also […]

Tarot Convention – July 2009

…the Art of Tarot

I’m looking forward to participating in this year’s Convention. Apart from anything else, elements of it remind me of the 2005 International Tarot Conference, except that none of the major headaches of organising such a large event are there, and I’ll be able to participate with everyone this time!

…and some of the […]

New Forum

In many ways, it’s a pity it had to come to that. I suppose that at least in the online world, when rules and regulations begin to be applied in manners that have a deadening effect, one can easily move on to another domain, without feeling as though those who remain have no choice.

Would but […]

30 Weeks pdf

I have to admit that writing these has so far been both tiring and absolutely wonderful: tiring, as it is on top of my teaching, association for tarot studies, and masonic commitments (as well as my personal life); wonderful in that each week I find myself having to isolate elements I consider more important and […]


[from LiveJournal]

What wonderful things to be involved with!

First, there is the ongoing involvement and contributions to Aeclectic’s Tarotforum, then there was the International Tarot Conference last year… and now, Tarotpedia. If nothing else, it’s great to not only be able to engage in so many different ways, but in each case with a growing international […]

[from LiveJournal – no title]

Didn’t much reflect today – too busy trying to catch up with eight weeks of gardening, and trying to burn off fallen branches and leaves before the fire season begins.

Already tommorrow will be in the 30s – another hot Cup day… perhaps hot enough to have a swim, though the pump […]