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Hey, UNESCO! Rachel's Tomb in Israel is NOT a mosque!

This is just another step showing how dysfunctional UNESCO and the UN in general have become. To classify Rachel’s Tomb in Israel as a mosque shows that it has become no more than a rubber stamp for islamicists.

It’s about time that nations spoke clearly about the fundamental failure of the high ideals that UNESCO once had.

…and whilst on the subject of the islamification of women (dead and alive deadened), what about the severe worldwide (well, in countries under the shadow of islam) problem of forced ‘conversions’!?

See, for example, ‘Tragedy of Forced Marriages‘ and ‘Why do Christians remain Silent?

From the second of these sources is an example that is, unfortunately, just that, one example amongst all too many barely reported incidents:

“Christians are slaughtered in Iraq, in their homes and churches, and the so-called ‘free’ world is watching in complete indifference, interested only in responding in a way that is politically correct and economically opportune, but in reality is hypocritical.” But he did not explain precisely what this meant, perhaps because he is now living in Syria.

Regarding the Baghdad attack, the al-Qaida terrorists said that all Iraqi Christians would be “exterminated” if two “Muslim women” in Egypt were not freed. Apparently, these were two young women, both married to Coptic Christian priests, unlikely candidates for conversion to Islam. They were in fact kidnapped and forcibly converted.

…and from the first source, there is another, again all too common occurrence with, as so often happens, accentuated with sexual violence, this time from Pakistan:

a fourteen-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan, was on her way to school last year when a vehicle occupied by three men pulled up beside her, grabbed her, threw her in the car and sped off. As frightening as this may seem, her ordeal had just begun. She described what happened: “I was standing at the bus stop. Three Muslims came up to me in a car. They were armed with weapons. They pushed me into the car and took me to a hotel. While there, one of them raped me. Afterwards, at gunpoint they took my thumb impression and my signature, placing them on blank papers.”

“I tried to make noise; but they pointed their guns at me and threatened to kill my father and my brother if I make a noise.” Taj was forced to marry a Muslim man and convert to Islam. They had used her signature and thumbprint to create a document saying she had converted to Islam.

How many of these atrocities hardly get any mention (especially, it seems, at UNESCO and the UN in general), and how many more never even get reported!?

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