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30 Weeks pdf

I have to admit that writing these has so far been both tiring and absolutely wonderful: tiring, as it is on top of my teaching, association for tarot studies, and masonic commitments (as well as my personal life); wonderful in that each week I find myself having to isolate elements I consider more important and central in order to make fit my self-imposed six pages (for the first version).Not only have I now completed the first twenty, but participants – and what a group of people to provide me with feedback in this initial version! – are also now completing this twentieth.Coming up are the last series in the trump series, during which additional comments will also be made in relation to reading in general and tying various loose-ends.The next round is due to begin in July (2008), and subscriptions can still be made on my page at:

In  reflecting on the overall course, I will also need to consider in greater detail how to better make use of TarotBB. Although the development of came as the course in its initial phase had already started, I personally see it as integral to further online course work…

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