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In many ways, it’s a pity it had to come to that. I suppose that at least in the online world, when rules and regulations begin to be applied in manners that have a deadening effect, one can easily move on to another domain, without feeling as though those who remain have no choice.

Would but the socio-political world be the same. Unfortunately, this is of course simply not the case, and the last decade has seen unprecedented (in my life-time in Western democracies) erosion of personal liberties. This has occurred by invoking the spectre of ‘safety’ – so increasingly we are not only faced with, but incredibly increasingly accept without question, the application of ‘rules’ introduced either ‘for our own safety’ or for the ‘safety of others’.

Life is risky, and ultimately completes its cycle…. and so we move on.

In the realms of tarot forums, this will be my own first major move. I am very pleased with both the achievements I have been able to support and encourage on Aeclectic’s tarotforum, and saddened that I was not able to share the depth of my concerns about the slow but regressive consequences of not only a shift from forum guidelines to ‘rules’, but also in their use as though points from which to start, rather than as support.

Each community, of course, needs to make its own decisions as to direction. And in the realm of Forums, there are three inter-related aspects to that community: the forum owners, the moderators, and the contributing members. Each has a part to play in directing the course of a Forum’s development, joy, or degradation.

…’tis time to have moved on.

and so heartily welcome!






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