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Israel’s crisis

A number of years ago, I wrote a brief reflection which I titled ‘On the lie of suicide bombings: how to maximise support by presenting murder as suicide’ (this was prior to the establishment of this blog, but basically the equivalent, ‘published’ as ‘octant‘).

If I can reflect a little on the worldwide current situation, there are a small number of ‘regimes’ (some fortunately not in power) that are excessively dangerous, and seek to in various ways achieve world dominance. Of these, amongst one of the most dangerous (were it not that they are currently ineffective due to their relatively insignificant size) is Bahaïsm, arising out of the shadows of Islam, itself, I would suggest, currently to most pervasive dogma (even in its ‘mild’ forms) that works to the diminishment of freedom, against equality (unless you’re male and within their fold), and against the universal freemasonic sense of fraternity and its concept of agape (love).

With the current crisis that Israel has put itself in (and in a way, it has), I cannot but wonder, despite my self-claimed desire for peace and non-violent responses, what I would have wanted my government to have done if I lived in an area where thousands of rockets to which are attached bombs had landed in my vicinity over the previous few years. And where, for example, I may have had many occasions where by luck I was left un-harmed when unable to protect myself in the fifteen-second-window I had following the all too common warning sirens. What would I have wanted from my government as a response witnessing neighbours torn to human fleshly pieces, despite the relatively low count of ‘victims’ (which never includes those who survived, though perhaps now without arm or legs)?

Frankly, I don’t know what my own reactions would be like… though I suspect that even with peace in my heart, eventually I too would call for active and military effort to seek to see such stopped. And yet, to support those who are underdogs in any social arena comes so much more naturally.

More recently, I read a report about one of the pro-Israel demonstrations in Austria (relatively small and rare in that part of the world). There, amongst a number of speakers, it was reported that:

Dr. Stephan Grigat, a political philosopher and member of Cafe Critique who helped initiate the coalition “Free Gaza from Hamas” in Vienna, told the Post, “Whether Israelis or Palestinians – anyone interested in a long-term deescalation of the violence will have to fight the Iranian-backed Hamas.

“It must be remembered that all too often, in the current global conflict with Jihadism, the murderers hide behind the call for peace,” he said.

…and as has been repeatedly seen over the years, also hiding behind the innocent in the trust that decent human beings would not shoot back and risk those lives.

And so, at this time, I can only stand behind the actions of Israel, whist at the same time inwardly crying at the fate of each of the action’s innocent victims, stuck within the walls of hate Hamas has created.

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