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A time to live... a time to breathe...

Though each decade can warrant a comment that reflects its uniqueness and its various challenges, there is no doubt that this period, which may last the proverbial ‘one thousand two hundred and sixty days’ (Revelation 11), is showing us (again) humanity’s parasitic and self-destructive capacities.

It is a bit of an understatement to mention that I […]

On bureaucracy as anti-democracy

In ‘We need to be more than right: in a liberal democracy we should be making space for small, dissident, and unconventional opinions and parties’, John O’Sullivan writes (my bold emphasis):

As Anna Fotyga remarked, there is a surprising problem with the term “liberal democracy.” As a defender of liberal democracy as pure as Marc Plattner […]

Kinders & Vaccinations

Here is a link to my open letter to members of the Parliament of Victoria:

On the Question of Kindergartens and Vaccinations

Please feel free to share or link to it in any way that may assist.

Below I also briefly describe my views on the proposed legislation.

Michael Leunig’s cartoon on the same subject succinctly tells the same […]

Serendipitous reflections

It’s a joy when I haphazardly stumble across an old friend or acquaintance that I have not seen or heard from in years (or decades) and see their success and life directions. Recently, through a series of internet clicks, perusing for a possible firm to engage for marketing Little Yarra, emerged a person who is […]

A most astounding pen...

I must admit that I find many pens a little lacking – but this one has all the qualities that I would rejoice in using: the Pelikan M101N Jubilee Pen… otherwise referred to as the lizard pattern.

A Pencil, a treat...

It’s been a while since my last post, and it seems that so much has occurred since just on a month ago.

I won’t go into details here.

The purpose of this post is to reflect on the wonderful world of writing instruments – in this case a pencil crafted as a functional piece of art: the […]

Socio-political links added

It may perhaps seem obvious from some of my posts that I tend more towards a libertarian approach to politics. Yet, I will suggest, this appearance is based more on the current ‘labels’ available. So where do I stand?

Rudolf Steiner, in his writings on the social order, talked of its inherent threefold nature, each having […]

Now THAT's a camera!!!

Having recently returned from an overseas trip and bemoaning the lack of a good camera (though we did have a small and quite reasonable ‘travelling’ one at hand: a compact panasonic Lumix), I could not help but check to see whether the Leica M9, which is definitely out of my price range, was finally available… […]

OS X Server 10.5 → 10.6 – not as straightforward as one would hope.

About three weeks ago, I decided to upgrade our server from OS-X 10.5 to 10.6. The Apple installation disks were 10.6.3, though the latest update was by then 10.6.4.

Let me quickly first outline the nature of the network, as it’s very likely that the types of issues I encountered would not manifest in a different […]

Election day chart

or why consulting an astrologer may be useful prior to calling an election

I had known since prior to the election that the date coincided with Mercury beginning a retrograde motion, and had thought at the time this was not a good time for any election. The results, however, simply did not only reflect a retrograde […]