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International Temple Mount Awareness Day

Today, 16th March, marks an important development: the first international Temple Mount Awareness day.

[Model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, as it would have been prior to its Roman destruction]

For those amongst us who care for the sanctity of the Jewish Temple’s location, this new celebration is… well, something to celebrate!

The second Temple was of course destroyed by the Roman Empire with its effective invasion of Judea and its transformation by them into a new province renamed ‘Palestine’ (effectively renaming the whole region as though it were Philistine and ‘wiping Judea off the face of the Earth’).

Perhaps it is also time to see the Temple Mount area declared part of Israel’s ‘Heritage Plan’ (sites of significance to the Jewish people), and steps taken to organise a relocation of the mosques currently thereon to more appropriate locations that may be agreed upon such as, for example, in Jordan.

[Sketch of forthcoming Third Temple]

On PEACE in the region

It seems rather obvious that peace will only be achieved once Jerusalem is supported and recognised as the capital of the State of Israel, and when the Temple Mount is rebuilt with the Temple. Of course there will be ‘cries’ seeking to arrest or prevent such. Once completed, however, I would suggest that even the more extreme amongst islamacists will recognise that the Temple rightfully belongs to the Jewish community, and that the current mosques are not, in fact, the third temple.

Still, some sensitivity in the relocation (rather than the demolition) is required. It seems to me that the only sensible re-location is in modern-day Jordan.

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