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Forecasting the new Pope and personal preferences

[original on LiveJournal:]

As I have already posted a reading for the forthcoming Pope, I shall not here mention it in any details.

Simply refer to and, even more stepping out with possibly totally incorrect forecast,

I write here, however, to reflect on what are some of the changes I would like to see in the Church by this new Pope, who I have titled Benedictus XVI.

The first of these is an open acknowledgement of early priests and bishops who were women. If the evidence is there, then honesty needs to be brought to the fore. Without this honesty, there cannot be an acceptance for the Church as honestly representing Christ – for whom, in my own peculiar manner, consider that Truth be an important theological component.

The next is on the marriage of priests. There are no grounds that justify the exclusion of priests from being married, and on the contrary historical evidence to suggest that in early days, priests ought to be married. The Orthodox, as well as others, in any case show that this is not a problem.

With regards to sexuality, one important change that needs to occur is a recognition of the sublimity of the union of two individuals in the act. The act itself is not to be considered for the purposes of procreation, but rather as joining together or two individuals. The pro-creative aspect of the act is of course also to be recognised, but not over and above the mystical-like state it may engender, and the health-giving aspects, of the union.

Finally, with regards to the ordination of women, this seems to me time that this be permitted. That some countries would not accept such is their problem. In such congregations, what would result is that people would flock instead to a nearby church – and then, so be it.

The next twenty years need to bring to the Church some serious spiritual awareness, rather than dogma as dogma.

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