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Tarot Convention – July 2009

…the Art of Tarot

I’m looking forward to participating in this year’s Convention. Apart from anything else, elements of it remind me of the 2005 International Tarot Conference, except that none of the major headaches of organising such a large event are there, and I’ll be able to participate with everyone this time!

…and some of the participants and presenters coming are well worth attending: Alex Ukolov (someone I’ve been wanting to meet for some time – pity Karen Mahony is unlikely to also be able to participate… though I’m ever hopeful); Kat Black (always wonderful to catch up, and more of her fork bending forthcoming!); Ma Deva Padma (we’ll finally get to meet – even though we’re not that far and should already have); Fern Mercier (looking forward to catching up in this our third mutual tarot event); and so many others!

At this stage, I’m due to present the opening address which includes a paper in preparation also intended for another event later in the year (though the two presentations will inevitably be distinct), titled ‘Tarot: its interfaith and cross-cultural artistic expression‘. At this time of writing, my (to-be-altered) synopsis is:

Since the 15th century, tarot has developed in cultural contexts that is often at the edge of local orthodoxy, drawing from a range of secular and religious expression. This has continued to be case in the centuries that immediately followed, reaching a climax in the closing of the 20th century. Entering the 21st century, we now have access to tarot images that have found their expression in cross-cultural contexts and have permitted various spiritualities to stream into decks that continue to be variously designed. Increasingly these draw in ways in which the imagery enables access to ways of viewing the world through reflections that cut across local cultural and religious boundaries. Through this, each deck, on reflection, not only deepens our understanding of our fellow human beings who may otherwise remain at arm’s length, as well as deepening our own personal and individual spiritual striving through the opportunity the images provide to work ever more deeply in our chosen personal path.

… so if you too can make it, looking forward to meeting.

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