On a new Palestinian State

The PLO is seeking support for a new Palestinian State. Personally, I don’t see any problem with this, as long as it genuinely seeks for the proposed state to be a workable model. To this end, its surrounding countries need to be willing to cede small regions of their territory to allow for the formation of this State.

An appropriate model that could easily work is for both Jordan and Syria to each cede three administrative zones to allow for the formation of the new State of Palestine. Something like the following, should everyone truly value peace in the area, work:
The new State of Palestine, between Jordan and Syria

It should be called to mind that the north of what is now Jordan already has a predominantly Palestinian population, and Syria has for some time been in favour of the region needing to cede some of its land for the formation of a new State. Jordan’s ‘king’ has also previously called for the establishment of a Palestinian state. What better way than to lead by example!

And to further support this new Palestine, a hill of their choosing within the new State could house the careful re-location of the mosques currently atop the Temple mount.

The ‘new middle east’ would still have its unsurmountable problems: after all, unless the Arab world unfastens itself from the gordian knot-shackles of islam (spread throughout its lands over last centuries by sword, fear and torture), it cannot rise again to its glorious past that witnessed the splendid artistic creativity spreading from the lands of ancient Egypt through to Mesopotamia.






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