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On the passing of an exceptional philosopher

If there’s been one philosopher that stands out over the course of the past century, it would be John Deely. His voluminous works, all too often criticised for their obtuseness, display an astounding insight that is all too rare in the history of this cenoscopic field: he has provided a way forward from the limited scope and deadlock that the field had cornered itself into with the pervasive modern, structuralist (and derivatives), and analytical frameworks (all, to be sure, inter-related in any case), whilst simultaneously paying due attention to the rich classicist heritage available, which has been too often neglected.

John Deely passed through the veil on the 7th of January 2017… I will certainly continue to hold the gifts he has bestowed us in high regard, and mourn the loss of a distant friend.

John Deely: The Loss of a Dear Friend

John Deely

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