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Slaughter Live Exports

Though there are some situations where the migration of animals needs to be supported (read below), live exports destined for slaughter needs to be abolished.

There are a number of reasons why Australia exports live animals to various parts of the world. Some of these are, from my perspective, perfectly reasonable, and the welfare of the […]

On the passing of an exceptional philosopher

If there’s been one philosopher that stands out over the course of the past century, it would be John Deely. His voluminous works, all too often criticised for their obtuseness, display an astounding insight that is all too rare in the history of this cenoscopic field: he has provided a way forward from the limited […]

Philosophy Conference (July 2015)

The 2015 COMIUCAP Conference is to be held at the A.C.U. in Melbourne on the 22-22 in July, with the focus:

Philosophy’s Role in a Renewed Understanding of the Meaning of Education

> Conference link

Of especial interest was the description in the call to papers, which I quote at length:

Education has been widely criticised as being […]

Two US-based conferences...

Here are two conferences to which, each year, I look to and, as usual, am unable to participate… this year precisely a month apart.

Semiotic Society of America

The annual conference of the Semiotic Society of America taking place, this year, in Seattle between the 2nd and 5th of October:

RunRev’s LiveCode 2014

The other is (also an annual) […]

Truth, Beauty and the Good

Devaluing human nature

I came across a report of a recent conference that raises more concerns… here’s the nuts-and-bolts of it:

The Conference, as mentioned, was held on the 22nd and 23rd of October (a couple of weeks ago). I’m not sure how long the video will stay online (it’s a nuisance in any case, as it’s flash-based – […]

A Conversation Between Enrique Enriquez and Jean-Michel David

New York – Melbourne :: May 2010

[this conversation was recorded for Enrique’s site: tarology (beta)]

Enrique Enriquez: Is there any of the tarot images you have never recovered from?

Jean-Michel David: Interestingly, yes!

It’s really the single card that has cost me thousands of dollars (literally), and had me hunting down a number of false leads. It’s also […]

Play, stories, the brain’s plasticity, Obama’s Prison State and the ‘swine’ influenza ‘pandemic’

Quite a mouthful, that heading… and considering I also wanted to include something on synæsthesia, I’ve rather narrowed somewhat my ‘focus’!

Swine flu pandemic

Let’s begin with the last of these first: the flu ‘pandemic’ and the reaction to it by officialdom.

I accept that when the first outbreak of this new influenza virus began to make its […]

NAPLAN – or the demise of pedagogical principles

As you may be aware, next week is when Australian schools are under obligation to provide standardised tests to students in classes (or years) 3, 5, 7 and 9 who have not been withdrawn from participation by their parents (or by their school in very special circumstances in which this is permitted).

For those who may […]

Oft fear of an evil drives us to another worse

Those words, penned in 1674 by Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux (Canto I, l.64) in his L’Art Poetique, has unfortunately so many resonances in today’s socio-political climate.

At one level, this can be seen on a common basis as one boards flights: the fear of some flight incident is driving society to measures reminiscent of fascism – and the […]