Serendipitous reflections

It’s a joy when I haphazardly stumble across an old friend or acquaintance that I have not seen or heard from in years (or decades) and see their success and life directions. Recently, through a series of internet clicks, perusing for a possible firm to engage for marketing Little Yarra, emerged a person who is now managing director of a major (overseas) branch of one of the firms I perused.

The internet certainly makes privacy a little fragile – and at the same time brings the world closer. Here was, in this instance, someone whom I have not seen since the 1970s – a bright and promising life met when I lived and worked in London. I recall their move to Paris at around the same time I had already moved there (though we never again met), and our common appreciation of refinements such as Bang & Olufsen.

For myself, this was doubly serendipitous in that I have of late had London more on my mind as my wife and I talk of our connections to the city, both in terms of our visits, as well as on the imminent birth of her first grand-child…






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