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Australian 'Greens' – what an unfortunate stinking joke

OK – I’ll admit it. I too was conned in the past and in fact in a number of previous State and Federal elections voted, as second or even first preference, Greens. This was before Adam Bandt proved, by both his actions and his involvements, that the various rumours that had been circulating with regards to the infiltration of the Greens by the hard left are unfortunately true.

The Sydney Morning Herald has, amongst other relatively detailed comments, this summary:

The Greens are a fraudulent brand. There are not enough letters of the alphabet to encompass the image fraud this party is perpetrating on the electorate. It is simply not a party preoccupied with the environment.

This does not mean that I reject ALL of the Greens points… but certainly near enough to all. In fact, reading through their various documents, the only support I would give is (which, in any case, is neither a left nor right issue) with regards to marriage laws needing to allow the marriage of any two consenting adults. That the Greens have attempted to paint this issue as somehow their own is political spin at its best worst!

Caveat emptor or rather, in this case, Caveat suffragator!

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