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Now THAT's a camera!!!

Having recently returned from an overseas trip and bemoaning the lack of a good camera (though we did have a small and quite reasonable ‘travelling’ one at hand: a compact panasonic Lumix), I could not help but check to see whether the Leica M9, which is definitely out of my price range, was finally available… and found not only it, but its limited edition version.

Now THAT’s a feast!

Leica M9 special edition (titanium)

…now, with Christmas on the horizon, perhaps Leica may find its generosity unbounded 😀

Given I’m on the subject of travel, here are some images from our visits to the Masai Mara (following our visit to a local Steiner School in Kenya). I won’t ‘bore’ with images from the school visits and the Steiner teacher training centre in Zeist – suffice it to say that their setup, as well as their welcome and festivities, is something to be experienced and well worth a visit.

…but on with the (mainly) animals (click on the image to view the next one… the file is nearly 2 MB, so allow loading time):

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