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It may perhaps seem obvious from some of my posts that I tend more towards a libertarian approach to politics. Yet, I will suggest, this appearance is based more on the current ‘labels’ available. So where do I stand?

Rudolf Steiner, in his writings on the social order, talked of its inherent threefold nature, each having a different modus operandi. So what are those three areas? They are the:

  • spiritual-artistic-educational sphere;
  • judicial-political realm; and
  • economic-farming-manufactoring-distributive plane.

Each of these areas works in different ways. Part of the downfall of the social order occurs when one area permeates the other two, and seeks to impose its own way of best doing things in sectors that can only be harmed by such. One of these current occurrences is the manner in which the economic plane is permeating the judicial-political realm, and how the latter is insinuating itself in the educational-artistic sphere – to the detriment of all.

Using the three-fold ways in which humans co-engage, which has, for some time now, been all too closely tied to the French state in its revolutionary forms, there are distinct differences between the comradeship of fraternity, the need for individual liberty, and the valuing of each in equality. Let’s connect these to the three areas of the social order:

  • spiritual-artistic-educational sphere: freedom
  • judicial-political realm: equality
  • economic-farming-manufactoring-distributive plane: comradeship

In a nutshell, then, the above forms the basis of how I strive to engage, which leaves me, often, at odds with those who may more easily wear existing labels.

Of high merit are the links to the right under the ‘Socio-political’ category of which, I should add, New Matilda is struggling financially… so do consider making a donation if able and that way inclined:

Rubin Reports predominantly reflects the rather incredibly poor and biased world media against Israel, and that media’s tendency to either dig its head in the sand or seemingly want to manipulate against the very existence of the one country in the region in which the political structure is not overshadowed by bigotry!

The Daily Bell does something similar to Rubin Reports without the focus on Israel, but rather world trends. In addition, it also provides regular financial analysis and trends.

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