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'The Anti-Semite’s Pointed Finger'

In the latest issue of Commentary Magazine, Ruth Wisse writes on the ongoing anti-semitism and concludes with an(other) insightful point:

[…] Anti-Semitism works through the strategy of the pointing finger. Through political prestidigitation, the accuser draws attention away from his own sins—in the case of Arab leaders, the systematic oppression and immiseration of their own […]

Socio-political links added

It may perhaps seem obvious from some of my posts that I tend more towards a libertarian approach to politics. Yet, I will suggest, this appearance is based more on the current ‘labels’ available. So where do I stand?

Rudolf Steiner, in his writings on the social order, talked of its inherent threefold nature, each having […]

Policies are not just policies

Of late given the Australian elections, I’ve engaged in something that I otherwise on the whole consider a waste of time: tweets.

Part of the problem with tweets is that one is restricted to 140 characters: whether or not this can genuinely be called ‘micro-blogging’ or not, it certainly encourages depth of neither reflection nor intelligent […]

Aus. election online user poll

So you’ve voted in the elections, and you’ve got an active blog or tweeter account… so who do our online votes compare to those of the general public in terms of first preference?

Please vote and share!

who did you vote for in first preference?online survey

Election day chart

or why consulting an astrologer may be useful prior to calling an election

I had known since prior to the election that the date coincided with Mercury beginning a retrograde motion, and had thought at the time this was not a good time for any election. The results, however, simply did not only reflect a retrograde […]

In a nutshell: how our system of government works.

Given the 2010 Federal election results (still pending), I’ve received (from both local and o/s) queries about how our Australian system of government works, so I thought I’d try and give a very brief overview, with inevitable small ‘errors of exception’.

Firstly, we are a Federated Commonwealth of States. In some ways, this is somewhat akin […]

Ausvotes 2010 - Independents' preferences

The four elected independents are being wooed by the two major parties for their support in forming government… so how should they decide whom to support?

Each is of course free to decide how best to choose. After all, that is the nature of an independent candidate.

One of the factors (and possibly a factor above all […]

Australian Federal Election 2010: what I would like to see

Date: Sunday, morning after 2010 Federal elections.

Like many other Australians, I stayed up last night watching the election counting result on the ABC. Like numerous other Australians, I was relieved to see the loss of so many seats previously held by the Labor Party. I write ‘relieved’ for the very reasons I outlined in a […]

Why I shall NOT be voting Labor this month

First and foremost, the last few years under the current Labor regime has seen some rather concerning signs of social control reminiscent of Stalinist-like (or Nazi-like) push towards uniformity through educational ‘reform’: instead of seeking to encourage and maximise diversity, the Labor Government has, in one scoop, both taken steps to remove State autonomy, as […]

towards safer airports and the loss of human dignity.

[originally published in my Octant, October 2006]

Electronically tagging passengers at airports is itself an act of terrorism, freethinkers may say!

I simply found it incredulous to consider that BBC online could report on the possibility of electronically tagging passengers as though this was something that could even be considered of remote social good.

What is of even […]